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The Hidden Invasion of Iraq and the Complicity of Western Governments

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The Hidden Invasion of Iraq and the Complicity of Western Governments

(December 2nd, 2008)

Mr. Paulo Casaca, Socialist Member of the European Parliament (EP), launched his new book titled "The Hidden Invasion of Iraq", in which he exposes the complicity of Western Governments and a pattern of intrigue and incompetence that he describes as a hidden invasion of Iraq by its eastern neighbor.

The main idea presented in the book argues against the general belief by which the United States is the occupying force in Iraq. Casaca claims a far more sinister tale of Iran's secret role in the invasion and occupation of Iraq and the West's helpless encouragement of this hidden invasion.

"Unreported by the West, thousands of operatives of the Badr Brigade - the Iraqi section of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) - have occupied most of the country and steadily taken over its political command," said Paulo Casaca, who has traveled extensively in Iraq.

"Even more disturbing," argues Casaca, "is that this hidden invasion has taken place with the full knowledge and blessing of people who ought to have known better, including key members of the U.S. and U.K. Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations and think tanks. "The West has consistently misunderstood the dangers posed by religious fanaticism for over a century now," he says.

The book exposes systematic and ongoing ties between Iranian and Western Authorities including some of the very same figures involved in the infamous "Iran-contra affair" in 1985 and calls for a full and thorough public inquiry.

Lisbon native Casaca, has been representing the Azores in the EP since 1999 as a member of the Socialist Group. He launched the first nucleus of Amnesty International in the Azores in 1982 and remained engaged in human rights issues ever since. He is a founding member and co-president of the "Friends of a Free Iran" and with the late Mohammad Al-Ahwad, he founded the "Euro-Iraqi" parliamentary dialogue platform, "Iraq with a Future" (IF). He is also a founding member of the European Friends of Israel.

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